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[11 Oct 2006|10:14pm]


Justin has quit?!
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[26 May 2006|10:56am]

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[25 May 2006|12:04pm]

Hi Ppl,
I am doing some promotions for a new nightclub and I would like to know if you guys have any idea on a cool name to call it. It is a funky place that plays house and dance music!
Please Help!
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The Darkness on Free For All Compilation! [28 Mar 2006|02:36pm]


Gotta love them!
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YO [28 Feb 2006|12:01pm]

Hi !!

Anyone from Finland here?? Anyone from .fi & going to Darkness' gig next week?
Anyone from .fi, Over 18 years old, seeing The Darkness next week? O:-)
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[21 Feb 2006|07:21pm]

Here are some pictures:


Sorry they're not great, but they're better than nothing!

The gig was amazing. I can't really say much more than that, because it would just be gushing. You had to be there, really!
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[21 Feb 2006|01:10am]

[ mood | high ]

I've just got back from Nottingham. Now, some of you may be saying "So?", but the rest of you will be flagellating yourselves in a jealous rage because you know who else was in Nottingham tonight.




Pictures to come...

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*Urgent attention required* [19 Feb 2006|03:12pm]

Does anyone wanna come with to The Darkness gig at the Birmingham NEC tonight ??? the ticket is free..... text or call me on 07900 197299. I really dont wanna end up going on my own.

Thanx :D
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Hello! [02 Jan 2006|04:34pm]

I don't know if this is allowed in here or not, but if it isn't, I'll delete this post right away,

I got an iPod for Christmas, and I've been uploading all my CDs onto it. I've finally got Permission to Land uploaded, but the songs Growing On Me and I Believe In A Thing Called Love are not working properly. Growing On Me cuts off suddenly at 2:42, and I Belive In A Thing Called Love isn't reading at all. I was wondering, could somebody help me out? I've tried ripping them through Windows Media Player and uploading them as mp3s, but it's saying "The system cannot read from the specified device."

Thank you illrated_dalla!!
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Next thing I new, my heart was under attack... [26 Nov 2005|10:19am]

[ mood | excited ]

I bought a one way ticket to hell... and back!

Yes, it dropped through my letter box this morning, and I opened it around 2 1/2 minutes ago. I just thought I'd post to make all of you who haven't yet got it (which should be most of you- it's not officially out until Monday) jealous.


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[17 Nov 2005|01:03pm]

As I was sitting at my dining room table this morning eating my lunch, what should I spy in the pile of mail but a SPIN magazine! Picking it up and glancing over the headlines above the picture of the members of Fall Out Boy, this title caught my eye:

The Darkness Return

And I, being a healthy teenage girl who loves The Darkness, abandonned my ham-cheese-lettuce wrap for greener pastures.

It was totally worth it. December's issue of SPIN is just coated in Darkness stuff. Pictures, an interview, CD review, etc. It made my freakin' week.

So I share with you, my fellow Darkness-lovers, the said pictures and interview!

I'm sorry that my scanner sucks, but I did the best I could to fix up the pictures. And if you can't read any of the interview pages let me know, and I'll see if I can upload a larger-sized page for you. I had to shrink some of them down a lot in order to upload them.

Click Justin to see the rest of the pictures!

(Note: Not quite dial-up friendly.)

Justin Hawkins
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[07 Sep 2005|11:36pm]

Hi guys!

I thought some of you might be interested in this:

Huge lot of Darkness cuttings/clippings plus rare magazine:

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[18 Jul 2005|03:59pm]

after much hard time and work you can now get your sample on. enjoy boys and girls.

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The Darkness Join Queen For A Show [30 Jun 2005|02:06am]

[ mood | busy ]

On July 2nd, Dan and Justin will join Queen at their London Live 8 show.

The new CD is due out in september , with Justins solo CD out closer to Christmas


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[ mood | shocked ]

With immediate effect, bass player, Frankie Poullain, is no longer a member of The Darkness.

Remaining members have cited musical differences as the reason for his departure. A replacement will be announced within coming months.

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[13 May 2005|09:28pm]

Ive currently got this The Darkness reconstructed tshirt halter top that i made on ebay if anyone is interested!

on ebay here: http://img193.echo.cx/img193/3379/dark21am.jpg
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[05 May 2005|04:25pm]


Yeah baby! :D
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[27 Mar 2005|03:43am]

[ mood | antsy ]


With the band holed up in the recording studio working on the eagerly-awaited follow-up to their multi-platinum debut 'Permission To Land', there's been something of a dearth of Darkness news of late, so it's with no little delight that we bring you this exclusive update direct from the horse's, sorry, Justin Hawkins', mouth:

"The Darkness are currently at a secret location somewhere in Great Britain working with Roy Thomas Baker. Things are going swimmingly.

Has anyone else heard anything on the album release?

I've played Permission to Land to the point where my CD player shoots it out everytime I try to put it in.

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Quizzing! [24 Mar 2005|11:22pm]

[ mood | amused ]

You are most like Justin!

Justin rocks this world and so do you! You prefer
silver and leopard print to casual jeans and a
t shirt any day. You are out-there, glamourous,
(plus you have a sensitive side) and justin's a
total spunk! you should be too.

Which member of the darkness are you? (outrageously obvious)
brought to you by Quizilla

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HAPPY B"DAY! [17 Mar 2005|09:17am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

It's his b'day. He's 30 (i think)
I cant believe noone else has said happy birthday yet but oh well.
I made badges.

I *heart* you justin. you rock.

(actually, i dont heart you, i just love you)

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