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Next thing I new, my heart was under attack...

I bought a one way ticket to hell... and back!

Yes, it dropped through my letter box this morning, and I opened it around 2 1/2 minutes ago. I just thought I'd post to make all of you who haven't yet got it (which should be most of you- it's not officially out until Monday) jealous.

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i've got the 1st single. it is love, isnt it?
'tis truly :-D
Go to and you can hear the new album in full!

It's fucking awesome.
I've already got the CD, lol, but I'm sure others may find this useful :-D
What's the verdict on it? Good as the last or better?
Give me a few listens before I make a real decision on it, but so far it's not leaving me disappointed :-D

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I got it and it is the best duckin thing I ever heard!
Glad you're enjoying it!